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Founded in 1998, Think A La Carte™ specializes in advertising that thinks smarter and works harder for you.

Headed by Andrea Giambrone, ad specialist and sales-driven writer, Think A La Carte employs a Who’s Who of advertising pros -- art directors, designers, web marketers -- whose skills and expertise are at your service. You’re paying for talent, not for overhead.

Services we provide:

 Communications Consulting
We'll be glad to assess your current advertising and marketing program. Maybe it’s great. Maybe it's nowhere. You have nothing to lose. We offer a free hour consultation.

 Advertising Campaigns
How can you attract more business? How can you improve your advertising? How strong is your message? Starting with Andrea - an award-winning - and results-driven strategist and writer - you get the benefit of top talent without paying top dollar.

If your budget allows for a single ad, we make sure it's right. One of our clients called to have one small ad done - he was so impressed with it (and this is a man who said, "I don’t believe in advertising!") – that we’ve been doing his advertising since 1998!

You may need hand-outs for trade shows or leave-behinds so people can pick them up and find out more about you. We make sure they're eye-catching & informative. Check out "Our work" and see some examples.

 Product Naming
Avoid the pitfalls of a bad or misleading name! Some of the country's largest companies spend fortunes on names that nobody can remember - or which are so vague, they convey nothing. What's Aegis? Or Citacon? Joe's Hardware Shop is more informative than that!

 Slogans, Theme Lines, Tag Lines
When it comes to powerful, memorable themes, Ms. Giambrone is pretty much The Go-To Slogan Guru. She's been involved in some of the most successful campaigns in advertising: from calling a barely-legal bikini by Cole of California "The Law Suit" (and earning her first Lulu Award) to "Tell A Friend" for Alpha Beta Markets to "Glad To Be Of Service"for The Gas Company to "The Pfabulous Pfaucet With The Pfunny Name"for Price Pfister (sales tripled within the first year of that campaign being introduced!).

 Web messaging
Content is absolutely king. You can't dazzle with puffery. Be clear about what you offer. Don’t waste people's time - or your money.

Business done smartly all starts with great thinking. And a smart use of your dollars.



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